100 years

Imagine Southern Sweden a 100 years ago. The farms are small and not very profitable. The forest have not yet become a valuable raw material, if you compare to the value today. The industrialization begins to take shape, and it is an important income owing to the new knowledge of extracting electricity out of hydropower and power stations replaces the old mills. Small industries and new societies are growing around the power stations in several places, as for example in Ekenässjön.

Gottfrid Andersson was an enterprising person that embraced the possibilities of the new society. Year 1912 he and his wife bought two power stations, a saw, an engraving planer and the water right on properties beside Värnforsen,that is called Ekenässjön today. That decision is the foundation for the successful company Bröderna Anderssons.

One of the mills was replaced by a power station that could supply electric power to the society and the surrounding (societies). The Andersson family built a modern house and a carpentry workshop where they started to manufacture furniture. A sumptuous chest of drawers were one of the first distinctive furniture.

Some important milestones in the company’s history:

1946, the sons Sven, Inge and Max Andersson took over the company and formed Bröderna Anderssons Industries in Ekenässjön AB.

1956, they build a new facility beside Vetlandavägen. The factory expanded gradually over the years. The production area is now 30.000 square metres.

1996, the cousins in the third generation took over the company and continued the tradition.

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